Season eight, Episode 12 Aired: Brand new Scorching-Rod Vehicle Jethro desires a special vehicle, embarrassed by truck

Season eight, Episode 12 Aired: Brand new Scorching-Rod Vehicle Jethro desires a special vehicle, embarrassed by truck

She leaves another type of jug, hence Fairchild gets hold of, if in case the Clampetts get back, they think he ingested a unique full jug

He shopping several brand new cars for a few different photographs he’s trying. But Jed informs your to simply get a number of brand new bits. Granny, who’s celebrating their unique birthday celebration, believes that they’re likely to change her. However, she discovers the truth, and you will desires the newest vehicle to keep the way it are. Jethro works out delivering a whole new top on truck, just in case Jed says to your to solve it, the guy gets a completely new right back. Grandma has the technicians whom repaired in the vehicle to get the outdated truck to each other, and settle what’s the top vehicle, the 2 battle its autos. Grandmother, with their own moonshine because the fuel, gains the fresh new battle, and you may Jethro desires the latest scorching rod vehicle straight back.

Year 7, Occurrence 13 Broadcast: The Month Prior to Christmas Grandmother will get a page out-of Sam Drucker from inside the Hooterville, but Elly’s bear consumes it. So immediately after Granny finds little achievements understanding if the this woman is engaged or not, Jed, Granny, and you may Elly the decide to spend Xmas in the Hooterville.

Although not, Elly’s bear Fairchild has taken right up taking Granny’s moonshine and you will climbs into the their room just like the Drysdale try sleeping and you can beverages the complete jug

Season seven, Occurrence 14 Shown: Christmas inside Hooterville The new Clampetts and you can Skip Jane arrive in Hooterville toward vacations, however, Jethro and you will Drysdale stand trailing. On holiday Go out, Jane calls their employer to desire to your a good Merry Christmas time, however, he could be for the a bad aura. Immediately following the guy tells their particular you to definitely she is discharged, Drucker, given that Jed provided him yet another financial. On hearing that it, Drysdale seats aside. As he involves, the guy decides he has to go to Hooterville to save his premier account. But Jethro will not drive your and you may informs your to take the new truck, also Elly’s incur, he do. Meanwhile into the Hooterville, Grandma is attempting to work if the Sam has suggested to their unique or not, and you may immediately after reading him correspond with Elly regarding a marriage, to Eb who wants their hands, Granny thinks you to Sam enjoys young girls. Very to look young, she attire because the an excellent Victorian-age girl and you will scares each other Sam and you can Buddy Joe regarding.

Season 7, Episode fifteen Transmit: 1/1/1969 Drysdale and you can Friend The brand new Clampetts and you can Skip Jane come back regarding purchasing Xmas for the Hooterville to learn that Drysdale keeps driven once all of them, in addition to Fairchild, Elly’s bear. Back in new hills, Drysdale gets arrested to possess vagrancy and you will bootlegging within the an area entitled Ripley. When they discover, individuals within lender couldn’t end up being happier that their company has been locked-up. Although hillbillies and you will Jane was wanting to get Drysdale away and then try to find out where it’s. It get in touch with Sam Drucker inside Hooterville, which minds in order to Ripley to attempt to let Drysdale away. He does not exactly enable it to be, and you can Drysdale’s circumstances happens another early morning, with a mean legal. But adopting the legal learns Fairchild treed their partner, the new Courtroom initiate loosening right up. The brand new Clampetts arrived at help Drysdale, and you can end up befriending the newest judge, and all the brand new fees try decrease.

Season eight, Event sixteen Shown: 1/8/1969 Situation Sustain Drysdale has arrived off with the flu just after using unnecessary evening exterior while on how to Hooterville. Granny really wants to help your along with her Possum Ridge Penicillin, labeled as White Lightening. She makes Drysdale good jug from it, however, the guy puts it to the side and you can takes a lying tablet. Whenever Grandmother inspections towards the Drysdale, she notices the latest jug blank and you may thinks he drank it all. Meanwhile, Mrs. Drysdale was disturb you to definitely their particular husband has only a familiar flu virus, but immediately following he tells her he saw a hairy creature drift out, an intoxicated Fairchild, and a little nurse, Bessie, she thanks a lot up. She reveals their own buddy, but Mrs. Van Ransonhoff sees the fresh pet and wants to get the full story, inquiring Grandma just what she understands. And you will Granny shows everything, uncomfortable Mrs. Drysdale.