Frylock: Santa’s coming this evening Meatwad, thus i actually need the Xmas number- Meatwad: Here

Frylock: Santa’s coming this evening Meatwad, thus i actually need the Xmas number- Meatwad: Here

Frylock: …incase you have been an excellent boy in 2010, it’s also possible to only get this to…so it L-designed situation. Frylock: You want a hand blower? Meatwad: Yeah. Frylock: For what? You do not have any- Meatwad: Keep reading, next to the dryer. Frylock: This-this really is a squiggle. Meatwad: No, that is hair. You read it in reverse, deceive. So go have it. Carl: Oh, man. I can not wait. I had the oils, the brand new candles, the work! Whenever does one hottie get here? Master Move: Carl, dont relate to their given that a beneficial “babe”, delight. The woman is good Chechnyan prostitute, and address their particular as such.

Meatwad: No, look for, exactly what which is, is actually a hand blower

Carl: Lookup, simply usually do not bucks that see immediately. We want to guarantee that we both marryin’ her are going to be, you are sure that, judge. Grasp Shake: Obviously it is! What exactly are your kidding me personally? Father christmas isn’t legal and you can he’s around. Carl: Better, I suppose that produces feel, you are aware. Learn Move: Lookup merry, dammit! Meatwad: Shoo, you to yes try a good bed I’d. In which Will be the Really Gifts? Frylock: It is 4:00 from the afternoon Meatwad, one to wasn’t Santa. Meatwad: Well, you are aware, possibly Santa’s simply gettin’ a jump start into the anything this year. That is China’s fault. Frylock: Where is it possible you make this information? Meatwad: Regis. Grasp Shake: I can perform a few things at the same time, chubby. Carl: No, ya can’t! Master Move: [reading a papers in order to themselves] Huey Lewis and work out a reappearance!

I think I need some assistance here! Learn Shake: Yeah, I know you will do. Learn Move: Really, indeed there isn’t probably going to be zero food this present year. Frylock: What about the girlfriend. I was thinking she are going to prepare. Grasp Shake: “Co-fiancee. Frylock: “Co-“? Master Shake: Yeah, you are aware, I shall split up their unique with Carl. Therefore they are “co-proprietor. Master Shake: Yes, thank you so much, I believe she notices you to definitely quality during the me. However, one to really Carl can be so Selfish. Meatwad: Carl is to remember the reason for the entire year. Learn Shake: The cause of the year is pleasin and i also isn’t gettin far pleasin and you can Carl top get his butt into system. Carl: Get as to what program, Mug? Carl: Hello fry-guy, you think I could move you to already been over right here and uh, strike good frickin’ hole within my wall structure?

Frylock: What’s wrong, Carl? Carl: Better, for one, this woman is barricaded by herself inside the house. Each day she talks to me personally, it is in this, such, code. It is eg particular demon yelling at the myself, or something! Carl: Ok, I’m conscious. Why don’t we, uh, friggin wade get married. Meatwad: Oh A! Grasp Shake: Yeah, brotha! Carl: Let us wed, yeah! Carl: Research, merely state Smith otherwise Jones or something like that. Frylock: Svetlana Smith simply take Carl. Carl: Simply say Smith again, it do not count. Frylock: . Smith getting their legitimately married husband. Master Shake: Hi, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Frylock: . Grasp Shake: Back up! Rewind! Frylock: . Learn Move: Which is similar to they. Frylock: becoming their legitimately married husbands as long as you around three will alive.

Schoolly D: Santa claus had barbeque sauce in his drawers

Svetlana: [talking Russian, from the inside Carl’s domestic] Carl: All right, belles femmes Japonais yeah! Master Move: Ok, rating! Carl: Sweet nectar! Frylock: Okay, now shove new ring within the doorway. Learn Shake: No, we are not creating the new ring, I am not saying gettin’ roped on all of that. Frylock: How do you n’t have a ring? Learn Move: Zero, it finishes right here. I haven’t seen eating just after just like the she’s shown up. Carl: He or she is right, let us accomplish that procedure – light which candle. Frylock: Of the electricity invested in me personally by condition of new Jersey I now pronounce you dudes and you can spouse. You can today kiss the doorway. Learn Shake: Blow it discover Frylock. Carl: Exercise! Svetlana: [speaking Russian; escapes] Carl: Svetlana, baby? Learn Move: Great! Great! Carl: Oh People! She had the vehicle.